Ijen blue fire crater volcano sunrise tour Java IndonesiaAn amazing sunrise over Ijen

The mystical “blue fire” of Ijen

📍 Ijen, 21st of August 2018. Alongside Bromo, Ijen was one of the places we definitively wanted to visit while in Java. We had heard about the mystical Ijen blue fire and couldn't resist going there, even if it meant spending more money and getting an organized tour. We had booked...

Mt Bromo sunrise tour Java IndonesiaA gorgeous sunrise over Mt Bromo

Gorgeous sunrise over Mt Bromo

📍Mt Bromo, 20th of August 2018. The early start Covered in dust If there was any hope to get some much-needed sleep during the hour transfer to the mountain, it vanished after just a couple of minutes in the 4 wheel-drive. Although it was 3 AM and we were sleepy,...

Mt Bromo tour village Java IndonesiaMt Bromo village set in a gorgeous scenery

Chilling in the Bromo village

📍 Mt Bromo, 19th of August 2018. Booking Bromo and Ijen tour With our driver Pri Today was the day we were going to find out whether we had transferred 1 million IDR (apx. 70+ EUR) to a stranger for nothing. Let’s rewind. In a couple of days David’s vacation is...

Surabaya uboat museum Java Monumen Kapal SelamSurabaya Monumen Kapal Selam

A surprisingly fun day in Surabaya

📍 Surabaya, 18th of August 2018. Getting there Awesome - plenty of space on the train! Today we are traveling to Surabaya – the Frankfurt of Indonesia, an industrial city Northeast of Yogya. This city is not very popular with tourists, acting more like a transfer point for anybody traveling to...

Borobudur Prambanan Hindu Buddhist temple Java IndonesiaBorobudur temple Buddha statues

Borobudur and Prambanan

📍 Yogyakarta, 17th of August 2018. Sunrise over the Borobudur temple Waking up at 3 AM is hardly fun for anyone, especially when you get to sleep in a fantastic bed. The desire to explore and launch into an adventure, however, did some magic (at least to one of us ;)),...

Yogyakarta Indoenesia Alun Alun neon carsNeon cars all around the night market in Yogyakarta

The neon cars of Yogyakarta

📍 Jakarta, 13th of August 2018. Vitamines for breakfast in Jakarta Today started with a huge anticipation and excitement about finally getting breakfast in the hotel. Strangely enough, although there is plenty of food available everywhere nonstop, we continuously fail to eat regularly and are oftentimes starving - I guess too many distractions....

Krump in Jakarta Indonesia dancing on the streetKrumping in Jakarta with the local dancers

Meeting krumpers in Jakarta

📍 Jakarta, 12th of August 2018. Whatever the reason - either the beers the previous night, the weather, the jet lag or the extensive walking, but we slept long and well. Although this meant no yoga nor pool (boo), we felt rested and ready to start a new day. Getting a...

Jakarta Indonesia discovering the city with localsParticipating in a student survey in Jakarta

Discovering Jakarta by foot

📍 Jakarta, 11th of August 2018. This very long day had an amazing start – a bit of yoga and a couple of laps in the pool to wake up before we hit the road (wish we could build this into a habit!). We decided to forego the 12 EUR (!!!)...