The Palace, the ocean, the awesome dinner in Yogyakarta

Yogyakarta Indonesia scooter trip Parangtritis beachYogykarta Parangtritis beach

📍Yogyakarta, 16th of August 2018.

A lazy day with ordering in

A yummy selection of "tapas"

Since we finished working on our blog at around 3:30 AM and were only in bed by 4, we took it very easy yesterday and dedicated the day to researching, planning, organizing the following days. Being also super lazy we tried out a local food delivery service. After an hour translating from Indonesian/Javanese to English (there are not many pictures of the food), we gave up, picked some random restaurant and ordered a bunch of stuff. In the end it turned out we had ordered from the restaurant next doors, but still ended up paying for the delivery 😀 I still don’t know what we ate, but was an interesting mix of, let’s say, Indonesian tapas – some chicken, some veggies, mushrooms, shrimps, dried fish and rice. It was alright and lasted us for the whole day.

A day on a scooter around Yogya

Our gorgeous large bed for beautiful dreams 🙂

Not knowing how long we’d stay in Yogya, we had only booked three nights in the Red Doorz hotel Pose In. As we still had an extensive list of things to do in the city, we decided to prolong the visit. After a tedious process of trying to extend our stay (front desk doesn’t have the rights to create new nor extend existing reservations, we were advised to use instead– it hurts my brain), it turned out that the hotel was sold out (front desk wasn’t aware – again…).

Since Yogya is a prominent tourist destination, it was not very easy to find a budget-friendly last-minute accommodation. With a little luck, we found and moved to a lovely homestay Tirto 27, which was cheaper and much better than the previous hotel. Until this moment we didn’t fully realise how much we truly madly deeply disliked Pose In – the room smelled unpleasantly, the WC door couldn’t be closed without it locking itself, the bathroom itself felt unclean, window curtains always had to be shut since the windows faced the courtyard everyone was passing by, the internet moody and unstable... By contrast, we were so pleasantly surprised and happy when we opened the huge wooden door into our new room – the room was massive with a gigantic king size bed and beautiful wooden furniture. Although the homestay could really use some renovation, the room smelled fresh and was very cosy. If only we had found this place from the beginning!

The Sultan Palace

Go figure 😉

Finally on a scooter, we started the day by going to Kraton (aka the Sultan Palace), which is basically a courtyard with a couple of exhibitions with pictures, photos and some valuables from the royal family. The only descriptions we saw in English were “don’t touch” and “no entrance”, which didn’t help puzzle together what we were looking at. So, the only thing we can report from the visit is that Sultan IX was a good-looking man who appeared to be smiling throughout his life (based on the photos of him). (In the last section of exhibitions we did actually find some English text – we let you try decipher it. Eh, what would life without Google Translate be?).

On the way to the ocean

Like a local 😉

After an hour of driving around the city (and don’t forget the week-long learning by observation), David felt comfortable enough with the Yogya traffic to allow us to travel a bit further to explore more. We decided to finally go to an Indonesian beach (did not get around doing it so far!). After we got out of the city centre, the route turned very scenic – we passed through smaller suburbs, rice fields, villages; which felt very refreshing.

After about an hour drive at last we were at the sea at the Parangtritis beach! The joy and excitement of jumping into the water didn’t last very long though, namely, until we saw the huge waves. There was not a single person swimming, but quite a lot of people just strolling on the beach. Although a bit disappointed, we truly enjoyed just looking at the waves break, feeling the warm water on our feet, observing the fisherman pulling his net out of water and watching the sunset. Was a very lovely & peaceful afternoon.

An evening treat

It has been a week since we have arrived in Indonesia. After trying out various local dishes throughout these seven days, we had to admit we needed a break from street food and random eateries. After such a romantic promenade at the beach, we decided to treat ourselves to a nice restaurant to finish the day on the same note. We opted for Mediterranea by Kamil, which is #3 on TripAdvisor in the entire city and we could understand why.

In the French/Mediterranean restaurant the service, the ambience, the meals – everything worked and was on the highest level. For starters we shared a delicious Tuna tataki (pan-woked tuna in a sesame wasabi sauce) and a fresh-out-of-the-oven garlic bread with a garlic pesto butter. The tuna is to die for! Everything on the menu looked and sounded so delicious we were drowning in our own saliva not being able to choose what to eat. Following waiter’s recommendations, we went for a traditional duck leg and wing confit with potato gratin and a cold starter selection - l'Assiette de Bacchus (beef carpaccio, magret de canard, some cheese, dried tomatoes, ceviche and salad).

We finished every single thing on the plate and could have probably licked the plates clean, if the waiters didn’t take them away so quickly (maybe they have already made such experiences? ). The place wasn’t cheap for Indonesian standards, but undoubtedly cheaper than what a meal like that would have cost back in Europe. So, we would wholeheartedly recommend (btw, thank you the groom-to-be from the plane for the tip!)

The day finished with a glooooorious sleep in our marvelously gigantic bed with aromatic bed linen. Feeling happy and blessed, fell asleep with a smile on our faces.

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