Couple budget long term travelHow we budget and manage our travel expenses
Travel tips

Backpacking couple’s guide to travel budgeting

Us 6 months ago: "Woooohoooo! We are actually. finally. doing it! We are going backpacking Southeast Asia for six months!" *doing a little celebratory dance*. This was the first time either of us went on such a long backpacking trip and therefore had no experience in how much money would we end...

Khao Sok National park in the rainy seasonIt's green, it's fresh and it's a little bit wet ;)

Khao Sok in Rainy Season

📍Khlong Sok, 19th of October 2018. Middle of autumn and rainy season in Thailand. We decided to go to Khao Sok. Was this a wise thing to do? This was the best thing to do! Why Khao Sok national park? People usually associate the South of Thailand with beaches and...

Amazing Taman Negara jungle overnight trekkingTaman Negara overnight trekking

Overnight trek in Taman Negara

📍Kuala Tahan, 14th September 2018. Jungle, baby! We were so excited to go on an overnight trek in Taman Negara! Since the only safe way to fully experience the jungle was by getting a guide, we decided to really go for it and booked a two-day trek through our host....

Taman Negara Malaysia jungle boat rideTaman Negara arrival by boat

Night jungle walk in Taman Negara

📍 Kuala Tahan, 13th of September 2018. Getting to Taman Negara The distances we travel between destinations are usually pretty big, transfers therefore tend to take the best part of the day. We always try to make the best of these days by either getting some work done or at least...

Melaka Jonker walk night market yummy dinner foodJonker Walk Night Market

The exciting night market in Melaka

📍Melaka, 7th of September 2018. Before we get to telling you just how much fun and delicious our dinner at the Jonker Walk night market was, we'd like to tell you how we got there in the first place. How did we end up here? Going with the flow To...

Ubud Bali Indonesia Hindu templesTypical Balinese temple architecture

The unique temples of Ubud

📍 Ubud, 1st of September 2018. Bali is definitely so much more than beach, sun, parties. This is especially the case when you move away from the coast and stay in Ubud - a city we fell in love with. There are many interesting, fun and insta-famous things to do in the...

things to do around Ubud, Bali, Indonesia monkey sanctuaryUbud monkey forest sanctuary

Things to do around Ubud

📍Ubud, 31st of August 2018. We did rant before about Ubud and the surroundings being full of tourists, but don’t let that discourage you – there are a lot of interesting places to see, many of those are not crowded at all, depending on your timing. We found that for us...

Staycation in lovely Ubud Bali IndonesiaMagical Ubud

Staycation in lovely Ubud

📍Ubud, 29th of August 2018. The anticipation We had heard so much about Ubud, we couldn’t wait to get there. What did we hear? That it is the cultural capital of Bali, that it is very spiritual, that there are a lot of things to do and to see, that...

Bali scooter - Kuta beach, Canggu, Uluwatu temple, Tanah Lot tripTanah Lot - a temple in the ocean

Bali on Scooter Part 2 – temples & beaches

📍 Uluwatu, 26th of August 2018. Today was day 2 of our scooter adventures around Bali. Yesterday we went more into the nature, visiting a couple of waterfalls and enjoying the ride through the greens. We were very excited to continue the exploration, as today we were going to visit some of...

Bali scooter tour Tibumana, Kantolampo waterfallsTibumana waterfalls

Bali on Scooter Part 1 – waterfalls

Sanur, 25th of August 2018. After a couple of days chilling on the beach, we were ready to explore more of the beautiful island. We knew renting a scooter on Bali was the easiest, most convenient and cheapest way to discover the surroundings at our own pace. The challenge was...